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Block facebook for a period of time, block it during work hours, or block it to study. Download Now!

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How to Block Facebook

Block facebook and limit facebook access with popular software called FB Limiter.
Limit facebook access to your kids, your employees, or to yourself.
Supported platforms  Windows platform


What Others Say


“This is a must have tool, for situations when you need to block facebook on computer.”

George Walland


Block Facebook by using following features

  • Block facebook and youtube access on your computer to anyone who uses it (Normal Lock - Pro version)
  • Limit facebook and youtube access to specific times during the week (e.g. Allow your kids to use facebook only one hour a day) (Time Lock - Pro version)
  • Block facebook and youtube access to yourself for specific time duration. In cases when you are too much distracted and want to be sure you will not get a chance to use facebook or youtube. (Total Lock - Free version)
  • Control access to facebook on daily basis. (e.g. You could limit usage of facebook to just one hour daily) (Duration Lock - Pro version)

Block Facebook - who will want to do that?

  • Parents who want to limit access to facebook and youtube to their children
  • Schools and educational institutions who want to limit access to facebook or youtube
  • Small companies that want to limit access to facebook and youtube to their employees
  • Individuals who want to block access to facebook to everyone on computer except to themselves
  • Students who just want to block facebook or youtube in order to be able to study without being distracted. They want to block facebook from themselves.
  • Anyone else who just wants to control access to facebook and youtube from their computer

Block facebook by using our FB Limiter app - Why?

  • It is FREE
  • It is incredibly simple to use. Limiting access with just one click.
  • It will block access all major proxies that enable reaching facebook or youtube sites
  • It will boost your productivity
  • It is well tested and proven to work WinXP SP2 and later OS
  • It is awarded by community


In order to block facebook, FB Limiter has implemented following features

Password protection feature:

  • Application is password protected so nobody except you can start it
  • Uninstalling application will require password so nobody can uninstall/install application in order to reset any protection settings

Normal lock feature:

  • block facebook or youtube by one click
  • blocks facebook or youtube proxies and the list of those proxies is auto updated reducing chance to open facebook from another websites

Time lock feature:

  • block facebook or youtube at specific times during the week
  • half an hour precision for time blocking (e.g. you can enable facebook during lunch hour in your company)

Total lock feature:

  • Lock facebook for specific time duration (1 hour - 7 days) without chance to unlock it during that period
  • No password or anything can unlock facebook or youtube during that period
  • It will expire in cases when trial period is over

Practical Use Cases

"Mike is owner of a small company. He has three guys constantly working on their computers trying to sell his products. Instead of selling they are loosing productive time on facebook. Mike buys FB Limiter and uses Normal Lock feature to block facebook."

"Katherine is first year student. Her bad habits during high school to spend most of her time on facebook chat are still following her in life. She is too distracted to study because of facebook and needs protection from herself. She buys FB Limiter and during study times she blocks facebook completely by using Total Lock."

"John and Maria are parents of two teenagers. Their kids are spending all their free time in front of the computer on facebook and youtube. This started to affect their grades as well. Maria buys FB Limiter and limits access to facebook to only one hour daily by using Time Lock feature."

"Leo is teacher in a high school. All his teaching fails mostly because his students are looking at facebook instead of listening to him. He agreed with school board to buy FB Limiter for his classroom computers and by blocking facebook he is now able to teach normally."

"Amy is parent to 11 year old girl. She is afraid her little girl is going to start socializing on facebook before it is appropriate to her age. She buys FB Limiter and is able to block facebook even before account is created."

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There are some screenshots below to see how FB limiter looks like