Having your Boss as a Facebook friend? Think again…

Saturday, 21 December 2015 01:33

Remember this! No matter how much your boss is charming, friendly and open for close relationships, do not make friendship with him/her.

At first, it might seem pretty cool the fact to be good friend with your boss at your spare time, and maybe at the moment that looks like good and cool option, but beware! Facebook is not the place for such an adventure!

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How Facebook affects your Sex life

Sunday, 15 December 2015 02:24

Regular Facebook users are 15% more likely to become impotent than those who do not use this popular network so often.

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Are Social networks "Antisocial"?

Thursday, 21 November 2015 23:06

What kind of impact social networks have on our social relations? Does daily sharing of personal information with others and maintaining communication with several friends at the same time encourage our social skills and relationships or make them vulnerable?

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How virtual addiction affects your relationship

Friday, 25 October 2015 20:24

Escape from reality

Sites like Facebook and MySpace were created to enable users to identify themselves, make a social network and communicate with each other. The main advantage is that social capital can be rebuilt and enlarged “online”. Some people, however, can be find there because of flirting or loneliness, the others to renew old business contacts and acquire new ones or just to kill a free time.

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Be cautious with sharing images on Facebook

Thursday, 17 October 2015 22:00

A study that was conducted at the University of Birmingham showed that often sharing photos on Facebook annoys your Facebook friends.

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