How to increase your Facebook account security

Thursday, 10 October 2015 20:20

It is not a pleasant feeling when you realize that your Facebook account, in which you have invested a lot of time, is at risk. Therefore, we have prepared for you a few tips to protect your account from unauthorized access or hacker attacks.

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Facebook affects Self-respect

Monday, 16 September 2015 22:53

Recent survey conducted by three independent teams of psychologists showed that Facebook can have a negative impact on the mental health of users and that is just due to the core values ​​of social networking - networking and making new friends. On the one side adding friends on the social networks makes people happy because they feel connected with other people and at the same time, a lot of friends, even virtual, causes them to feel bad about his/her own life.

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Behind the good horse, there is always going to be a lot of dust

Friday, 13 September 2015 20:51

FB limiter is very popular program with more than 20,000 monthly downloads. There are four features available: Normal Lock, Time Lock, Total Lock and Duration Lock. Total Lock is a free feature while others are Pro versions. Total Lock blocks Facebook and YouTube access for specific time duration and it’s very popular among students. This feature should only be used if person is 100% sure that he/she wants to stay away from Facebook or YouTube.

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Facebook impact on Youth

Monday, 19 August 2015 21:54

4th of February 2004 will remain in the annals of modern science and IT spheres. On that day, an American student Mark Zuckerberg made ​​the undreamed contemporary design of virtual social networks. From the local college network, the popularity grew unimaginable, so planet today has as much as billion active Facebook users.

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The girl's heart stopped after mocking on Facebook

Thursday, 15 August 2015 00:17

Eighth grade elementary school student from Eastern Europe, whose classmates made fun of her on Facebook, experienced such a shock at the end of the first semester, that her heart stopped, after which she was taken to the Clinic in Belgrade!

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