It is easier to resist Sex than Facebook

Friday, 09 August 2015 22:49

If you plan to be successful at your next date, first thing you need to do is to ask your partner to turn off his/her cell phone. The latest survey in Germany showed that it is harder to resist Facebook and emails than the desire for sex.

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Kids tried to hack FB limiter website

Monday, 05 August 2015 19:56

Today, children spend more and more time on social networks and other potentially dangerous websites. Parents are aware that their children are not safe on the Internet and that great danger is lurking from it. It's hard to convince a child not to spend free time on Facebook, but to do something creative or simply to play outdoors. Therefore, some parents are forced to purchase software that blocks Facebook and websites such as porn, games, gambling and so on.

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The Dangers of Facebook you are not Aware of

Friday, 02 August 2015 00:11

For Facebook many people say it's one of the most dangerous websites. Many thus raises the question "how to use Facebook safely?” Here are five greatest dangers which you are not even aware of, and short solutions.

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Kicked out from the Gym after making Fun of Facebook Members

Friday, 26 July 2015 21:26

Internet often serves people for making fun of everything and everyone, but sometimes those who use it for such purposes become the victim of retaliation. In fact, one member of a gym in Queensland (Australia) was posting on his Facebook profile photos of other gym members with malicious comments, but subsequently he became a victim of “vigilantes" who decided to punish him.

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Facebook is Dangerous for Minors

Thursday, 25 July 2015 21:33

Facebook has over one billion active users, and big part of them are minors who are the most vulnerable to become victims of pedophiles on the Internet.

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