How virtual addiction affects your relationship

How virtual addiction affects your relationship

Friday, 25 October 2015 20:24

Escape from reality

Sites like Facebook and MySpace were created to enable users to identify themselves, make a social network and communicate with each other. The main advantage is that social capital can be rebuilt and enlarged “online”. Some people, however, can be find there because of flirting or loneliness, the others to renew old business contacts and acquire new ones or just to kill a free time. For most people, Facebook is the only way to replace daily life for some other life, more exciting. In this case, first of all, love relationships or marriages may suffer. Running away from reality to the virtual life has grown that much that some real cases became legends. Facebook and MySpace users still talking story of a couple, who enrolled under false profiles and photos from Hollywood sites. Internet connected them again, and when they met live, they both filed for divorce - she because of his adultery, and he, because his wife were telling him some sweet words he never heard during their marriage.

Talk without keyboard

On Facebook, you should not ignore exhibitionists, people who want to be noticed, or those who because of lack of self-confidence under the alias wish to change their lives. When emotional partners secretly seek for a new partner, they simply are not satisfied with the current one. This problem can be solved by talking face to face about things which are not working in a relationship. There is no doubt that people who use Facebook to promote social life will better use its benefits than those who randomly assemble friendship with strangers. If you try spending more time "offline" with real friends, you will not have to torture yourself with doubts, for example, why he/she went from "in a relationship" to “single” on his Facebook profile.

Before you login to Facebook again

Would you allow anyone to sift through your things in your home? That is exactly what you do, if you're taking seriously friendships in the virtual world.

It is recommended that:

You can be friends with somebody you know in real life.

Never choose a password that clever "friend" on the Internet can easily guess, because it can be used in order to ruin your relationships with other people.

It is best not to "upload" your photos, because they can be find on the Internet with the help of Google, especially if accompanied by your name.

When you're changing your profile data, or you're informing people where you go out in the evening or the next day, you are actually making an "invitation" for stalkers or burglars.

If you're posting a photo on Facebook, taken in front of your home, make sure that street name and number cannot be seen in the background.