Your Boss as a Facebook friend...?

Having your Boss as a Facebook friend? Think again…

Saturday, 21 December 2015 01:33

Remember this! No matter how much your boss is charming, friendly and open for close relationships, do not make friendship with him/her.

At first, it might seem pretty cool the fact to be good friend with your boss at your spare time, and maybe at the moment that looks like good and cool option, but beware! Facebook is not the place for such an adventure!

There are numerous and very good reasons for you to never, ever add your boos as a Facebook friend, so think carefully!

Below we'll present 13 of them, and once you study them, we are convinced that such an option will never come into your mind.

1. Because he will know immediately if you are visiting Facebook during work hours.

2. You can't write bad things about your boss, otherwise you know what follows.

3. If you put some personal posts on Facebook, he or she will know your personal secrets.

4. He can you catch you surfing Facebook while you're supposedly sick and lying in bed.

5. He may contact you via one more channel - Facebook.

6. When you post some fooling things on your Facebook wall, he can see them without a problem, and you will regret it for your whole life.

7. Someone can comment unwelcome events from your personal life, which you wouldn't like your boss to know.

8. Some friends love to tag you in a shameful postures, and thus run the risk that your boss will see that.

9. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you forget that your boss is your Facebook friend and post messages such as ''looking for a new job", and your superiors, of course, will see that. Punishment will come soon; there is no need to tell...

10. If you post too much intimate details about your life, it's maybe ok for your friends, but your boss??

11. Through Graph Search he can see what kind of person you really are and what are you interested in.

12. Most of your friends comment on Facebook statuses with sexual connotations, and that certainly is not something what your supervisor or superior should see.

13. At any time, because of the silly little things that you post on Facebook, he/she can fire you or at least make negative opinion about you.