What Happens After Facebook?

What Happens After Facebook?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 02:41

What happens after clicking Facebook "sign out" button? Still thinking of friends' posts and photos or coming back to everyday life? How long it will take before pressing "sign in" button again? Well... lot of questions. Definitely, there is something magnetic about this social network, something that affects its users so deeply in a way even they are not aware of.

Facebook can be considered one of the best things that happened to the world ever: people connecting easier than ever before, sharing information, photos and experience. That was its main purpose. But, unintentionally, because of its unlimited freedom of writing without fear of face-to-face meeting, Facebook became a perfect place for sharing some deep emotions that can never be spoken aloud. Why people posting music videos? Answer is very simple. They want to express their feelings trough the song without telling that directly. It's easier and painless.

This social network is a getaway from everyday life, family, job and even yourself. Bad side of Facebook is less visible and not lot of people talk about it, but it takes huge space inside every human who uses it. Some strange feelings may be born while looking other people's Facebook page:


  • Jealousy. Yes... exactly. People try to make other people jealous every day in hope they will appear more important and more valuable. Jealousy can make bad things happen, even to terminate friendships.
  • Desire to compete. Of course, like in everyday life, people like to compete with each other. But, who will post better status or who will post better photo, reminds on children's game. Unconsciously, grown people become children.
  • Desire to be better than others. Facebook is unnatural environment. People often posts to tell others how they are important, how their life is great, how they are happy. There is no more need for telling stories, just one photo and share button are enough to tell them: "Yes... I'm important! I'm better than you! I spent a lot of money!" Desire to be better than others persist is in each human, but sometimes, even unconsciously, that can make other Facebook friends less valuable and hurt them.


If there is no Facebook, would people really try to impress a dear friend? Answer is probably no. And why they want to impress Facebook friends? One of the answers would be that they are not satisfied with themselves, so if others have high opinion about them, they will be more satisfied. Facebook will take worst things from a person.

Can questions from the beginning of this article really be answered? It's really hard to tell. Each human is different and social networks affect it in a different way. Although many people carry Facebook with themselves everywhere: to stores, caf├ęs, jobs, even bathrooms, many of them know where to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable. One thing is for sure, if tomorrow Facebook stopped working and was completely shut down, will there be any serious consequence to the world and people? - No. Certainly some would feel desperate, some would miss playing favorite games, some companies making money out of Facebook would disappear but in overall world would go on. Think about the market value that Facebook has now, and its impact if it disappeared the next day - can something like that be more valuable than if Samsung stopped producing TVs tomorrow or Boeing stopped producing airplanes... Well, this answers the initial question in a way.

Not many people would easily let go off this nice social network but if you can imagine your time without the Facebook or you just want to experience how it is to live without it, there are some software solutions that will block Facebook and one popular is FB Limiter. Let it go or not?