Does Facebook affect your relationship?

Does Facebook affect your relationship?

Sunday, 23 March 2016 22:39

You and your partner are in a relationship and now you have decided you want to be friends on Facebook. However, if it's a smart idea? Yes, you can be friends on Facebook, but do not constantly check his/her profile. Read this article and find out why.

1. Some Facebook posts published by your partner or you may be misinterpreted. If your partner reveal that he/she is not in a good mood you may interpret it as you are responsible for his/her bad mood, but he might just not be in the mood for other people, not for you though.


2. If both of you are addicted to writing Facebook statuses, you will not have things to talk about when you see each other, because you'll know everything that happened that day. Therefore, reduce a little announcement on your wall.

3. Sometimes on your partner's Facebook wall you can find posts wrote by his ex or his friends, so you can misinterpret them. That's how jealousy and paranoia may appear. Your partner cannot be responsible for posts written by others on his wall, and therefore you should not take this for granted.

4. Love should be saved for the time when you see him/her live, because things you write on Facebook wall will not have a great impact on your partner. This can only mean that all yours and your partner’s friends will know how you feel.