What Your Facebook Profile tells about You

What Your Facebook Profile tells about You

Wednesday, 26 March 2016 01:38

Facebook profile, experts say, can be compared to the ideal human being. We choose the most beautiful photos, music and posts that are in line with the image we want others to have about us.

Communication on the Internet is poorer compared to face to face contact. But over the Internet you have control; you can display an improved self-image, which may be far from what you really are. So with the Facebook profile, we strive to show our ideal side.


Reputation that we gain or lose, established or terminated connections, although occurring in the “virtual world “are very much related to reality.

Based on the content that individual share on the social networks, photos and posts, websites he check, the group which he join to, the way he interacts with friends, it is easy to form an impression of a person. Just slightly look on his Facebook profile or Twitter account is enough.

Almost everybody have Facebook profile today, regardless of the age. Those who are very active, who are in need to say even the most banal sentences, probably want to attract more attention, they may feel lonely or they are just bored. Some people have Facebook profile just to play games because they can play live with others though.