Facebook may Affect the Image Women have of Themselves

Facebook may Affect the Image Women have of Themselves

Monday, 28 April 2016 06:42

It is known that media, skinny models and Hollywood stars have strong influence on the image girls have of themselves. One recent study found that Facebook contributes to the distortion of that image. Researchers have found that young women who spend lots of time on Facebook have worse opinion of their looks than the other ones, who spend less time on this social network.

The more time you spend on Facebook, the less you love yourself

Girls pay attention to the physical attributes more than ever because of Facebook and the impact is greater when it comes to the people they know. A simple comparison can cause a girl to begin to be ashamed of her look.

Researchers from the University of Iowa and researchers from Scotland have questioned 881 college student about use of Facebook and how satisfied they are with their body, exercise and nutrition.

Facebook affects image women have of themselves

According to the results, the more time women spend on Facebook, the more they are concerned about their physical appearance and feel bad about it, after seeing pictures of other women.

Women who wanted to lose weight were the most affected by the appearance of other women who they saw on Facebook - according to the study.

Facebook may even hinder the weight loss. Some studies have linked excessive use of Facebook with eating disorders. Obsession, compulsion and comparison are trigger for eating disorders.

However, all researchers distance themselves from the fact that studies are conducted in order to dissuade people from Facebook. Main reason for the studies was, according to their words, to find new ways for social networks to be used for good purpose.