Women who post lots of "Selfies"...

Women who post lots of "Selfies" on Facebook need Attention

Tuesday, 06 May 2016 00:44

The study involved man and woman, average age of 23. The researchers looked at the amount of time participants spend on Facebook, number of posts and photos they share and their typical behavior on this social network.

Study showed difference between man and woman. Females were linked with competing for attention on Facebook, comparing to man. Women who put lots of photos on Facebook are more likely to base self-worth on their physical appearance and are in need for attention.


Posting photos on Facebook can be observed like some sort of self-advertisement. This distorted value usually comes up from the popular culture and reality programs.

Women with behavior such like this are in constant need for attention and getting more “likes” on Facebook.

Participants who base their self-worth on things such as love, family, career and support, spend less time on the Internet and have low interest in attention seeking through social networks.

Different study conducted that people who share too many photos of themselves on Facebook, can put their Facebook relationship in harm. Also their close friends and family members can be affected.